It's Your Choice!

Are you interested in a specific program we offer? You choose exactly where your donation ends up - whether in our general fund, children's program, or food program. 

Where it's Needed Most

This fund goes to all different parts of our organization. From our supplies to our children's program, to seeds for our community garden, and all things in-between. What's great about this fund is that our team can take a look at our resources, and allocate your donation to where it's needed most. 


Children's Program

We know that children experience abuse and trauma when violence is taking place in their home. Home is supposed to be the place they feel safe, and protected. When that foundation is cracked due to violence, children don't have the language or emotion to be able to express what they're feeling. Our talented team helps them process what's happened, and know it isn't ever their fault. 


Food & Community Garden

Food insecurity is a large barrier in our community. We endeavor to help supply healthy, fresh and affordable groceries for women and their families in Middlesex County. This has included our Community Cupboard, where women can come and take what they need, and expanded to a community garden, where everyone can plant, weed, water, and harvest.